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Mum Cairns, April 2015: "I have told you about my experience with the shells, because I strongly believe they saved my breastfeeding relationship with bub. I have never had to worry about my bra or breastpads sticking to my nipples like strapping tape and I have used them through each growth spurt, night of cluster feeding and anytime my nipples needed a little bit of TLC.  Don't take my word for it though, read our testimonials from mums just like you!" 

N. Brisbane, April 2016: "I am a brand new mum. My baby was born via c-section less than two weeks ago. A friend stumbled upon these and decided to get me some "just in case". After 5 days recovering in hospital, listening to all the advice from all the different midwives, I got home. And I crashed. I thought I was going to be okay but breastfeeding was proving harder than I thought. I guess I wasn't tough enough to handle the pinch and constant rubbing that was involved with breastfeeding. I had nothing to lose in trialing the mumnbub Breastfeeding Shells. Twelve hours later, my nipples were still sensitive but getting less and less sore. Another twenty-four hours and feeding him is getting easier and easier, thank you mumnbub for bringing these amazing shells to Australia!" Note: we have contacted N to recommend that her bub be checked by a lactation consultant to ensure proper latching and absence of ties. We are happy to report all is well!

A. Cairns, March 2016: "I was lucky enough to try out the mumnbub breastfeeding shells for my 6 month old. He had given me a nasty graze from teething while feeding one night, it was very painful and not healing. After only one day of using the shells, my nipple was no longer sore at all and by the end of the second day it was completely healed. mumnbub breastfeeding shells were so comfortable I actually didn't even notice I was wearing them. I'd definitely recommend them for comfort, especially if you experience any cracking or painful nipples while breastfeeding."

K. Townsville, April 2016: "At three months my little one decided he did not want to feed in the cradle hold anymore so we had to change to the football hold. This made my nipples very sensitive, hot and sore, especially one of them. I got a pair of mumnbub breastfeeding shells and within two days my nipple was back to normal! Only TWO days! I don't know how they work, but they do and I will be recommending them."