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What are mumnbub Breastfeeding Shells?

Our breastfeeding shells are a 100% natural and reusable seashell, free from any artificial chemicals.  They are ethically-sourced from reputable suppliers, carefully hand-selected to ensure the finest quality and comfort for breastfeeding mums, and delicately polished to remove any rough edges in order to sit comfortably against your skin.  

Benefits of mumnbub Breastfeeding Shells

  • mumnbub Breastfeeding Shells protect the nipple against uncomfortable rubbing and excessive drying caused by clothing.  They can also help cracked, sore nipples by collecting breastmilk and creating a moist wound healing microclimate when placed against the skin.  Whether you are about to start your breastfeeding journey or you have a bitey teething bub, our breastfeeding shells can help you!

  • By healing nipples and reducing pain, they help mum  feel more relaxed throughout the feed, enabling more efficient feeding and fuller stomachs for bub (and maybe just a little more rest for mum).  They may also prevent early cessation of breastfeeding due to nipple pain and discomfort. (1) 
  • They are a very cost effective investment as they reduce your need for breast pads therefore reducing your impact on Mother Nature.
  • A little more on moist wound healing... Moist wound healing is a fairly new philosophy: the idea is to create a protective environment over the wounded area so it can heal faster and without scarring. Breastmilk contains all the elements needed for perfect wound healing, but how do you keep it on the skin without it drying out? Breast pads collect excess milk and can be awfully painful to remove once they're stuck on your breast, so are compresses and any other classic dressings. mumnbub breastfeeding Shells collect breastmilk so it can stay in contact with your nipple. This means your own amazing milk heals you! 

How to use mumnbub Breastfeeding Shells?

  • Wear mumnbub breastfeeding shells in between feeds, inside your bra.  After a feed, drop a small amount of your breastmilk in the shell and place the shell back on top of your nipple.
  • Use a breast pad over the shell to absorb excess milk if required.
  • If your bub is going through a growth spurt, keep a spare pair in the fridge. When placing back over your nipples, the instant cooling effect of mumnbub Natural Breastfeeding Shells will relieve the heat caused by frequent feeding.
  • Wash the shells once daily with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. 


  • Do not use the shells if an infection such as nipple thrush or mastitis is present. Consult your lactation consultant, midwife, or GP if you are displaying symptoms of these conditions.
  • If you are experiencing nipple pain or other breastfeeding problems, it is important to consult your lactation consultant, midwife, or GP to diagnose any potential causes such as improper latching or positioning during feeds, lip and/or tongue ties.
  • Please see our Resources page for organisations that support breastfeeding mothers



(1): Almost 1 in 5 mums who discontinue breastfeeding within the first 6 months do so because they found breastfeeding was too painful. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2011. 2010 Australian National Infant Feeding Survey: indicator results. Canberra: AIHW