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mumnbub is a family-run business located in Cairns, QLD.  We are passionate about providing high-quality products for mums and bubs.


It all started when I became a mum. I gave birth to my first bub and was committed to breastfeeding him. Birth was followed by days of cracked, painful nipples, conflicting advice from different nurses, and a ride on the emotional rollercoaster while in hospital.  

Then I decided to try using the breastfeeding shells my sister had included in a care package sent from Europe. There, they are widely used by breastfeeding mothers for their healing properties.  The next day my nipples were less painful.  I kept using them and within a week the cracks had healed and breastfeeding sessions were much more enjoyable for bub and I. I have used through every growth spurt, night cluster feeding and every time I felt like my nipples needed a little TLC.

We now have a very happy and healthy 100% breastfed five month old, which would not be the case if it wasn't for the shells. I wanted to make them easily available to other mums in Australia and so, mumnbub was born.